Panels & Papers


Dr Sadiah Qureshi (Birmingham) will deliver the keynote address titled “Vanished: Dying Races in Histories of Extinction” at 1700 on the 18th of September.


A roundtable panel examining the findings of the conference will take place at 1530 on the 19th of September.  The roundtable will be led by Prof Peter Mandler (Cambridge), Dr Poornima Paidipaty (Cambridge), Dr Sadiah Qureshi (Birmingham), and Dr Richard Staley (Cambridge) .

Panel 1

Dr Egbert Klautke (UCL) – Völkerpsychologie & Anthropology in Germany, c. 1870-1920

Dr Elise Smith (Warwick) – Craniology and Colonialism  in Tasmania,  1870-1930

Iris I. Clever (UCLA) – Finding a Formula for Race: Quantifying Racial Differences in early 20c Physical Anthropology

Panel 2

Dr Tom Simpson (Cambridge) – A Sketchy Business: How Northeastern India became an Anthropological Hot-Spot

Yannick Bauer (FU Berlin-HU Berlin) – Tracing Africa’s Anthropological Moment in the writings of Edward Wilmot Blyden & Joseph Casely Hayford

Panel 3

Dr Poornima Paidipaty (Cambridge) – Boundary Work: Frontier Anthropology and the Discovery of ‘Aboriginals’ in 19th century India

Dr Sophie Scott-Brown (ANU) – Women in the (Grass)Field:  Phyllis Kaberry and Applied Anthropology in post-war Africa

Viktor M Stoll (Cambridge) – Educating a Mandate Ethnologist: Richard Thurnwald & Habsburg Colonial Administration in Bosnia (1896-1898)

Panel 4

Dr Alí Ruiz Coronel (UNAM) – Once were Warriors: The Glorious Past of Mexican Anthropology

Prof David G. Anderson  & Dmitry Arzyutov (Aberdeen) – Sergei Shirokogoroff’s Quest for a ‘Leading Etnos’

Panel 5

Branwyn Poleykett (Cambridge) – Intimate methods and mass communication: ethnology and the modern citizen in West Africa, 1943-1970

Dr Adrianna Link (Am. Phil. Soc.) – Making Anthropology Urgent:  Applied Anthropology at the Smithsonian’s Center for the Study of Man, 1968-1974

Thomas Meaney (Columbia) – Clifford Geertz, ‘New-Stateology’, and the Problem of Decolonization